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Oh woe! What do I do now? [Jun. 20th, 2013|07:12 am]
Tall and Weird
My little transformer is sick and at the doctors.

I've grown quite fond of that lovely piece of advanced technology but it's under a year old and getting an attitude. I couldn't stand for it and things are under way to repair the situation.

Nothing serious though distant friends. Just a small hardware glitch that resulted in several obnoxious black lines appearing at the top of the screen. And they were multiplying. I thought getting onto the problem sooner rather than later (my usual time to deal with problems :P) and took it in.

But now! Now I'll have to suffer without it for however long it takes to fly to Sydney and visit its creators.

Oh my, I'm going to miss it. The helpful people at JB Hi-fi (the place of purchase) said it shouldn't take too long which is very good.

So, that be that. More, of course, to follow.

Recent story ideas involve a man with a complicated life involving jumping away from one problem into another but never truly escaping anything getting involved in another complication... under water!

Haha! That is a gross oversimplification of the idea of it but you might have noticed I don't really put the details of my scribblings up here. It's all part of the plan! Or it's a sign that I don't trust the internet's ability to keep secrets... maybe both of them... :P

Anyway, sorry I hadn't posted anything for a while but, without my transformer, except to see a bit more of me... just a bit though.
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Proceeding as per usual and nothing to report [Apr. 18th, 2013|09:02 pm]
Tall and Weird
Time travel would mess up nearly everything. Without strict controls there could easily arise a situation where the natural progression of things precludes the invention of time travel in the first place. Needless to say this would result in a paradox.

I've been thinking about this stuff recently and started an odd storylike thing with two guys talking about the dangers and problems of timetravel (no space if you'll take note) No setting or plot but this weird view of timetravel created an odd perspective of history.

Timetravel, it turns out, fucked up the whole cause and effect routine. Once it was a reality, the future never happened. WILL never happen. There's only the now. Timetravel to the past is possible but only to the past the timetraveller believes and accepts as the past. Thus the past becomes a creation of the timetraveller.

All pasts lead to the current now. Which is weird in that everyone has a divergent view of history. If all these varied pasts will eventually form the shared now, there must be some incompatibility somewhere.

But, timetravel fucks things up. I mean in a big, big way. Huge even.

There is no cause and effect. Only the now exists. Each person is the arbiter of truth and history and it is only where their visions of history intersect that things overlap.

Which is kind of complicated.

But, meh. It's just a bit of fun. Weird, mind twisting, fucked up fun but that's me.

I haven't done much work on Unbroken Line (the stable name of the cursed man story) but I still have the ideas flip-flopping through my head so it's good. Think computer virus combined with human memories and the quest for immortality.

Apparently I like complicated.

What I have been working on is the zombie hunger story. Current status is the crazy doctor is still finetuning her suppositions regarding the zombies and has linked them to a force that affects us all. The doctor is chaotic and cruel. Convincing her to help is futile but the ordered army men that share their refuge are attempting to trick her into aiding their cause.

Again with the complicated.

Cheers all!
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Another holiday! So soon? [Mar. 23rd, 2013|09:13 pm]
Tall and Weird
Booyah biachehz!


Yeah, that ain't good.  Never again, I swear upon an honest politician's soul.


Anyway... I'm going to Bali with a bunch of people from work.  It should be fun and I am looking forward to the opportunity to do some scribbling in a foreign country.  I might do some swimming and some waterslides and some (very minor) shopping.  That should leave me some quality alone time with the laptop.  Yay!

Speaking of, I started another story about how a zombie's hunger really works and got quite a lot of laughs when I read it at my writers' group which, while gratifying, was also not -quite- the desired response.  I liked that people found the characters humorous but, since I did it accidentally, how do I continue the humour?  My mind, he does boggle.  Good boggle, but boggle it does. :P

My cursed man (stable name Unbroken Line) is progressing well.  I know who the bad guy is but I think I'll have to tweak things in the rewrite to make it less obvious.  Make someone else cast the shadows for a while to confuse the hero.  I know how the bad buy operates beyond his own death and why the hero has a poor memory.  I know many things about how the world and its magic works.  I know how the story ends... or how I think it ends anyway.  I know the hero is going to rediscover his family's secret after someone deliberately hid it from them for generations.

Oh yes.  It be good my friends.  It be good to be a writer.

And a quick shout out to L.  May your words be yours alone... until you wish to share. :)


PS. I may try to say hi from Bali but I doubt I'll work out how to get international roaming set up.  A week without you will be hard but I'll survive!
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When are the Ides of March? [Mar. 1st, 2013|10:38 pm]
Tall and Weird
Me again!

Hello world and welcome to my mind. I hope I don't break you. :P

My first week back at work after my holidays and, I really have to say it, it's good the old boss ain't there no more. Really, really good. It's so much nicer dealing with someone that understands what is involved in my job and then gives me enough time to do it.

Ahhhhhh. Is good.

So, apart from work, I've been driving cartoon cars around cartoon racetracks in a game called Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed!!! Wow, it's fun! Cars switch between ground, air, and liquid modes and go nuts with the random weapons littered around the track. Damn spiky blowfish are very hard to aim if you're shooting them forward - I actually hit myself with one I shot after it bounced off a wall! There are wasps too. They target the first place drivers which I think is crazy since I'M ALWAYS WINNING! Well, not really. It wouldn't be fun if it was that easy. Currently, I'm going through on the intermediate class races and leveling up the various drivers to unlock their vehicle mods. Hard is hard!

My story of a cursed man is coming along very nicely. Current situation is he's visiting the man he's helping who, unbeknownst to our hero, is actually cursed with the same curse... but different. He wanted his new [girl]friend to look at the guy with her funky seeing ability (some kind of awareness of traits or possibility or something, I haven't decided) and tell him how she sees him. He's overcome by a sense of déjà vu from his father's memories and discovers that his memories are not how he remembered them. Or something. I haven't decided that either. The bad guy isn't necessarily the bad guy and the stranger isn't necessarily working for goals the hero would like. I told you about the stranger didn't I? He's the long dead... wait! I'm not telling you that!

Going to see a movie with someone (probably another friend) on Sunday. I hope Arnie's learning something about acting while governating. :D

Catch you later!
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Holidays and happy days! (Not the 50s TV show though.) [Feb. 17th, 2013|11:56 pm]
Tall and Weird
Booya ma freaky peeps!

I am writing to you from a pleasant island of non-workiness. I'm on holidays!!

It was all organised with undue haste but I'm happy with it. Two Fridays ago (the day before the weekend as if you needed reminding) the office manager comes up to me and asks when I'm having my holidays. I reply that I can't really have them until the woman that's been ill has her operation. (Which was the case from all the information I had.) Office manager says "Ill woman is doing okay right now. Have your holidays starting from next Monday." The ill woman nods and says she can handle it. I say I'm only a phone call away if you need me. All good, all fine, I'm now in the middle of my fortnight off!

The first day of my holidays I get word that the guy that took over from me put in his resignation. I'm not sure how to react to this.

First inclination is to bounce up and down with a huge smile on my face because it sounds like good news. He appeared to believe I was capable of doing two full time jobs simultaneously. So now that he won't be peering over my shoulder and misunderstanding the necessity of my computer duties, I'll be able to do my job with a greater degree of efficiency.

Second inclination is to feel annoyed because they might expect me to step in until a replacement is found. I don't like that.

Third inclination is to feel guilty because the office manager bypassed him completely making the decision about my holidays and he might not have liked that.

Fourth inclination is to forget all the prior inclinations and enjoy my holiday. This is what I have done.

I've caught up with a bunch of people including the JB girl! She's had her tongue cut in half by a famous tongue-in-half cutter doctor guy. We had lunch today and chatted about bucket loads of random stuff. It was fun. I thoroughly recommend catching up with people and making friends with peculiar people... not too peculiar though. I mean, don't go nuts with it. :P

The story I've been writing for ages is still going along quite nicely. Currently the protagonist is comtemplating how complicated his life became in just a few hours, he's worrying about a disturbing new direction his curse has taken, he's smiling about the possibility of love, and working out a new way to use his curse to his own benefit. My ideas for the story are taking shape too. One magician is trying to prevent something, another is trying to cause something, a third is just trying to make a batch of muffins. Someone the hero is very close to is doing all they can to kill the hero, in a way.

It be fun to write I tells ya!

One more week of nothing but nothing! Love it dudes, love it.

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Another skipped month? Sorry about that. [Feb. 9th, 2013|11:34 pm]
Tall and Weird
Yup, I forgot January. Hey, it was busy and hot! I make no excuses!

Anyways, life proceeds for me much as you might've become used to. Bits of this and bits of that.

I'm still writing my cursed man story which is fairly impressive. Currently, he's explaining his views of what his curse is, what he thinks of the person that cursed him, the peculiarities inherent with magic in general, and why he thinks that romance will be the death of him.

Other ideas involve a man that zombies ignore because he's a bastard, a werewolf seeking an end to his constant struggle to remain hairless, and some weird thing about the end of the world being twenty years away... always. It never arrives but is always twenty years away. This limits time travel because of the relative position of time for people travelling in time. Which is an aspect of the idea I only just thought of... and you were there. Right it down, make a note, and remember this moment friends because you were there when it happened!

I've been seeing someone. She's someone I used to know years ago but it's weird. I don't feel the same for her as I've felt for others but I like her. We'll see but there's so much I don't know about women and dating and all that stuff. I'm naive about everything. Is that a signal? Did I just give one? How do I match my emotions to my thoughts and vice versa? And should I even try that in the first place?

Still, it's fun. I'm not going in penis-first though. That kind of thing comes later... maybe never.

Seeya guys and gals!
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I did it again! [Dec. 25th, 2012|07:49 pm]
Tall and Weird
Hello again friends and flisters!

First up, a merry Christmas to you whatever your religious proclivities or preferences. (The Christian aspect of Christmas his evaporated in the heat of commercialisation and capitalism so my well wishing contains nothing but nondenominational hopes for you to enjoy yourself. So there! :P)

Next up, my grandmother passed away yesterday. We called her Muma and she could be a very grumpy woman. I loved her to bits though. Apparently, she woke early Monday morning complaining of not feeling well. A couple of nurses helped her have a shower and sat chatting her when she just lay down. They checked and that was it. I assume they attempted to revive her but without success.

So... goodbye Muma and have fun wherever you land.

Thirdly, I have just defrosted my freezer again. (You might remember the last time I did this from this post: http://tall-and-weird.livejournal.com/2008/02/13/ and for the internet savvy among you, you'll see that it was four years ago. FOUR!) I guess I've been a little cautious about clearing away the ice but it was getting ridiculously icy in that small block of chilled air. But it's done now and I shall be extra careful tomorrow. If you don't know why, read the entry after the one above to understand.

My Unbroken Line story is still going well. Currently, the coincidences within the story can be explained because of a man's personal magic. A woman has entered the picture whom may or may not be a love interest but not in the way you might think. Magic could actually be everywhere which isn't where anyone would think to look for it. The cursed man's recent troubles could indicate another aspect of his curse or something else entirely.

Still all freaking awesome! Booyah!
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And still going strong... [Dec. 11th, 2012|10:40 pm]
Tall and Weird
Hello good buddies!

First things first.  I'm still powering on with my Unbroken Line story.  Almost a full month without being diverted from it?  It's a good thing!  Current state of affairs - hero has tortured a cook for some information although it wasn't really him and she doesn't seem to have suffered mentally or physically from it.  The system of magic is devoted to two concepts.  Oh, the cook is a magic user, by the way but not the one that is blackmailing the guy the hero is helping.  In fact, she's helped that guy out on several occasions already.  The one that cursed the hero's family is still alive and well two thousand years later and the reasons for that are part of why she's both known and feared by the magic using community.  Although, it's not really a community as such more of a non-intrusive collective of those that known the truth.  Or part of the truth anyway.

It's coming along quite nicely thanks. :)

Work is stupid crazy busy at the moment.  Didn't help that someone who was meant to only be away for four weeks ended up leaving us for seven weeks (messing up my holidays, thank you very much!) and that we're approaching Christmas.  What is it about this time of year that people look around and say "Oh yes, I've been meaning to do something about that all year.  How about I get it done immediately and not consider the all too likely possibility I've left it too late to ensure it gets done before Christmas?"  Sigh... people.

Speaking of people, women are just weird.  First, I think, "yeah, she might be into me" then I think, "oops, nope, that other thing was entirely innocent" and then, "although this most recent thing could indicate something" but it becomes "ah, nope, wrong again."

What the hey, women?  I mean, seriously.

Still... it's interesting fodder for my characters... hear that crazy women?  You'll be in my stories!  Hahahaha!

Peace out, my brothers and sisters!

And, since I'm guessing I probably won't post again before Christmas... MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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More awesome and a bit of crap. [Nov. 19th, 2012|07:11 pm]
Tall and Weird
I'm not on my holidays today.

This might not seem like anything unusual but I had organised to have two weeks off.  Since someone is ill and in hospital I decided to forgo my leave to help out.  What a nice idiot I am.  :(

That was the crap and here comes the awesome!

I'm writing a story whose inspiration is not fading away!  I'm up to about 3000 words right now but there's plenty more to go.

Basic storyline is a cursed man is asked by a friend to help him out with his problem.  His problem is that a witch is blackmailing him because of something she believes is owed to her.  The hero's curse will help him but in using it he will never be rid of it.  After searching for a way to be rid of the curse for centuries, his family found no trace of magic let alone a cure.  Within the space of one day, the hero find evidence of three individual magic users connected to the situation with his friend.  Mystical shenanigans (is that how you spell that word?) ensue, enemies emerge, plots unfold, movies are made.  Good triumphs over evil maybe.  I haven't decided yet.

Oh, it's so awesome to be a writer!


Negatory on the women side of life though.  Meh.

Ciao my friends.
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Better late than not at all, I reckon. [Oct. 22nd, 2012|12:15 am]
Tall and Weird
It's been a while since my last update but nothing much has happened, sorry to say.

I did put Sufficiently Advanced in for consideration but it didn't get anywhere.  Still, big step for me I reckon.  I didn't have that gut-wrenching nervousness bordering on panic and terror I occasionally feel when putting myself out there.  This rejection is a good thing... in a way.  It would be nice to see my name in blacks and whites on a page I didn't print myself.  But I have a little too much realism in my outlook.  My first submission will be one of many that gets rejected and I'm okay with that.

Anyway, I have about four stories on the go at the moment.  Grey Blood Rising, Shards of a Cosmic Egg, one whose name sounds so cool I shall not mention it here, and a weird one I'm going to re-title because I don't like it.  Grey Blood is a fantasy about the ancient population return to wreak havoc.  Shards is a sci-fi about the beginnings of everything and the end of something else.  Cool title is about a celestial operative doing God's bidding (or at least God's underlings' bidding).  And bad title is a possibly contemporary (also known as urban fantasy) about a man avoiding Destiny as if it were his ex-girlfriend... which she is.

So yay for failure!  Go for the future!

Oh, no women.  The girl gave me a fake number and the other one is impossible to read.
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