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March? How did that happen? [Mar. 1st, 2014|10:07 pm]
Tall and Weird
Hi there! I'm still here but running late for my first post of the year! Oops again.

First bit of news: I've sent a story in to be considered for publication! My first serious attempt... I think we can forget the Sufficiently Advanced attempt. Crossing the Canyon will do better!

Next: Have I mentioned Story Cubes before? They're a creativity tool that consists of a box with nine six-sided dice with 54 different images. Roll the dice, tell the story. It's ridiculously simple but cool, cool, cool. I've got the original set, as well as the two new sets, Actions and Voyages, each of which add another nine dice and 54 images.

Anyway, I took three random dice from each set and rolled up this. I wrote a story I'm calling Something Dicey on the Menu. In it a man called Mitchell Streeton visits a restaurant in search of violations of law and reality. I like where the story went but it still needs a bit of work.

So, I'm writing, writing, writing. It's good. I'm rereading (and reworking) some of my old stuff and, with every paragraph, sentence, word, and letter, I'm getting better at it.

And there's nothing to talk of on the romance side of life. Same old, same old there I'm afraid.