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Um... yeah... it's July. I think I missed a couple of months there... [Jul. 31st, 2015|11:12 pm]
Tall and Weird
Hello again! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry.

Life proceeds pretty much as normal. I'm still writing a story I've mentioned here before. The one called Homecoming. I think I said in my last entry that it was almost finished... however long it has been since then hasn't seen the end yet. I do know what's happening. The hero and his odd companions are heading into an unknown room to face the villian. He is, of course, mistaken in one of his core beliefs about the villian. And the way his friends died. And the reasons he got his Gift in the first place.

One of the pages I have saved on my laptop (I've started calling it 'my laptop' instead of 'my laptoppy thing' since last we spoke... so that's different) is titled 25 Ways to Fuck With Your Characters... sometimes I do kind of feel sorry for my imaginary friends... :P Unfortunately for them, their happiness and contentedness does not add anything interesting to their stories. I can't remember who said it but no-one grows without need. Their struggle is the the story, their growth the reader's reward. Tell the tale of their journey from who they were without trouble to who are once the trouble is done.

I have started a bunch of other stories of course. One is highly complicated set in a distant future where humanity lives in orbit around the dead planet that they've forgotten birthed them. In a large number of highly specialised and enormous space stations, humanity continues in ignorance of events that could destroy them all. I haven't written much of it yet but I'm liking it as a space opera type saga... which I doubt I'll ever finish.

Women, you say. What about the women in your life? Ah, there my friends I have both interesting and annoying news. I have met someone but she is quite young. Too young maybe which is the annoying part because the interesting part is that I am highly attracted to her which is not something that I experience all that often. I can find women attractive but being attracted to them is a different thing for me.

Oh well, time will tell.

Love you all. Bye until next time... whenever that might be. :)
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2015 - Year of the Thing [Jan. 6th, 2015|07:48 pm]
Tall and Weird
Hi friends! Happy New Year! (Don't forget those capital letters. :P)

A new year has begun and I survived my 42nd year on the planet. The joys of being 43 haven't yet reached me but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Life's meant for learning, living, and loving.

That second comma after living is called an Oxford Comma and there's a lot of discussion about it nowadays. Some want to get rid of it and others, like myself, think that it is fine exactly the way it is. I'm sure there are a hundred reasons on either side of the line to either remove or retain it but I think it's a matter of personal preference. The basic rule of it is that if you're listing more than two things to be connected by an 'and' you put a comma before the 'and'. (I'm assuming that the same goes for 'or' but I might be wrong.) I like it - it looks kind of classy. Keep your greedy hands of my bloody Oxford Comma!

Enough of that. In actual news in my writing I'm working on three stories right now - one I'm calling Dragon Territory which is a detective story set in contempory times with the addition of dwarves, elves, dragons, and magic. An elf lies beaten to death by an unknown assailant. Who killed him? The second is called Dirigibles and Submersibles... or that might be the other way around. This one might be one I've mentioned before but I've written some more of this post-apocalyptic steampunk tale of high adventure. The third is still Homecoming! I can't believe I'm not done with this one yet! I know where I want it to go but - right at the pointy of the tale - I'm not sure how to write it all down. Which kind of explains why I've got three on the go.

There's a lady at work I'm attracted to. I flirt and she doesn't seem to mind. But she's a bloody smoker! Big negative points for that. I'll keep you informed of my progress. :P

Ciao friends and I hope your year has started well!
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Some nothing and a little bit of something [Nov. 18th, 2014|02:14 pm]
Tall and Weird

Hello world!

In a few days, I'm going to be 43.

This mght not sound like a big deal to some of you but it is for me. If you don't want to know why, you should probably skip the rest of this entry... although I might talk about other stuff nearer the end. The choice is yours.

I grew up in house number 24 on a street in a suburb of Perth called Craigie. I'm sure there was a reason the suburb got that name but I've never found it out. The street I lived on was named after a shipwreck a little ways North of the house.

One of the next places I lived was also a number 24. It was a share house that I moved into because I liked the girl that lived there. Nothing happened with the girl, by the way.

Another place was another 24. But that was after moving back to the Craigie 24 for a few years.

Douglas Adams wrote a book which featured the number 42 as the answer to all of life's mysteries and as, everyone can see, 42 is simply a reversed 24.

Twenty four was not a good time for me agewise. I remember feeling a growing sense of dread as my 24th birthday approached. I remember feeling unhappy for no real reason. I don't remember specifics but it was years and years ago now. I wasn't the generally happy Tall and Weird you know and trust nowadays.

I do remember, very clearly, the moment I knew - absolutely, unarguably - that I was going to die at 42.

I was only just 24 and sitting at home, trying to concentrate on the Restaurant of the End of the Universe - the meet the meat scene - when my personal connection to the numbers 2 and 4 clarified in my mind.

It was a long way way off - eighteen years - but I'd never been more certain of anything. I didn't really know why I had this literal deadline. I made some changes in my life but the deadline always loomed and grew loomier as the birthdays ticked by.

I've never spoken of my certainty with anyone - if you've read this far, you might actually be the first to know about it. Good for you. But, don't worry about me, I've realised the whole idea is just silly.

I'm happier in myself now than I was at 24. That is because of a couple of things but the main one of them is that I swapped the certainty of my time of death with my certainty that I'm a writer.

Just another absolute and inarguable certainty in my life but I think it's a good thing. I don't believe in God but I can see how people do. Even though it was my death, I accepted it without question. Only after swapping one belief with the next could I see how silly the first was.

Rambling is what I do but I like to think that I get to the point eventually.

I believed in something without proof and didn't question the truth of it. The moment I did question it, I started to believe something else, something I think is greater.

So, my friends, question your beliefs. Make them answer. If you don't like their answers, why do you allow them to have any power over you and your decisions you make?

That actually went somewhere I didn't expect. I didn't start this post with sacreligious intentions. I just wanted to share the weirdness of approaching a previously impossible birthday.

That's just how I roll though. Like it or not, this is me.

In other news, I bought myself a PS4 and two games for my birthday... I hope my death doesn't come before this Sunday because I've only played one of the games I bought and I'm looking forward to Shadow of Mordor.

Also, I took two weeks off too. Not the usual week on either side of my birthday but a couple of weeks before it. I've spent my days writing, lazing, and catching up with friends.

Current story is called Homecoming. Basic plot: a man returns home after running from battle only to find that his enemy is following. Weird twist: the battle is between the two extremes of order and chaos. Weirder twist: the bad guy is also the good guy... or something like that. I'm not sure why I've got the order and chaos part in there. I'm actually at the point of almost forcing it to fit in with the ending I've almost arrived at.

Now I'm questioning whether it even has a place in the story anymore...

Question everything, my friends. Ciao!
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The Strangeness of Things [Sep. 16th, 2014|10:12 pm]
Tall and Weird
[Tags|, ]

I know it's been a while and I know my last entry was pretty lame... a Sydney indeed. (I was talking about my phone's Swype 'thingy'.)

What has happened in the last *whatever* months?

Well, I've written a weird story about a ghost suffering from a Groundhog Day spirit adventure. I've started (and stopped for now) a story about a vampire who wakes after a few centuries to find the pitiful state of vampires in current popular culture slightly insulting. Another one about a man that turns into a squirrel. One I've called Seven Strangers at a Roadhouse even though only six strangers come through the doors which involves an odd form of time travel and self-fulfilling prophetic dreams that are only dreamt because of future events related to the dreams of the past...

It's always confusing... the only way I can cope is by throwing the words on the page. I think I've mentioned the term 'word vomit' before and that what it is. Although one of my writer friends asked me about my methods recently and told me that, because I edit and polish as I go, my first drafts aren't really first drafts. They're kind of first and a half drafts, maybe even second or third drafts.

So, to sum that up, I write confusingly about confusing things.

I love being a writer.
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Long time no post... again [Jul. 26th, 2014|06:55 pm]
Tall and Weird
I have no idea how this is going to work. I'm adding punctuation but I'm not going to edit anything as i'm dictating this all using my phone's sydney.

I did submit a story and did for the world. response i got was it didn't fit into the collection that I broke it for.

Another story of mind I had discounter as being too weird has been going around with some of my friends and doing very well with their opinion. The ending needs some work but I'm pretty confident hit will do well.
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March? How did that happen? [Mar. 1st, 2014|10:07 pm]
Tall and Weird
Hi there! I'm still here but running late for my first post of the year! Oops again.

First bit of news: I've sent a story in to be considered for publication! My first serious attempt... I think we can forget the Sufficiently Advanced attempt. Crossing the Canyon will do better!

Next: Have I mentioned Story Cubes before? They're a creativity tool that consists of a box with nine six-sided dice with 54 different images. Roll the dice, tell the story. It's ridiculously simple but cool, cool, cool. I've got the original set, as well as the two new sets, Actions and Voyages, each of which add another nine dice and 54 images.

Anyway, I took three random dice from each set and rolled up this. I wrote a story I'm calling Something Dicey on the Menu. In it a man called Mitchell Streeton visits a restaurant in search of violations of law and reality. I like where the story went but it still needs a bit of work.

So, I'm writing, writing, writing. It's good. I'm rereading (and reworking) some of my old stuff and, with every paragraph, sentence, word, and letter, I'm getting better at it.

And there's nothing to talk of on the romance side of life. Same old, same old there I'm afraid.

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My tips for writing stuff [Dec. 14th, 2013|10:34 pm]
Tall and Weird
A different kind of post for me today, peeps and strangers. I thought I'd share with you the process by which I shattered the crap out of my writer's block.

The steps are arduous but in the long run you'll understand where I'm coming from. Well... actually there's only one step but it is a biggie. And there are sub-steps to it but more on them later.

The Tall and Weird Way to Break Through Writer's Block

Step Primus: Write.

That's it. Just fucking write until you get sick of vomiting your random thoughts onto the page. And then write some more.

After my accident (it happened years ago now) where I was seriously lucky to suffer relatively minor physical injuries, I couldn't write. I came up with some random, disconnected ideas but I didn't write anything.

In desperation, I bought a lineless spiral bound book about the size of half an A4 piece of paper. Hundreds of utterly blank pages waiting for whatever shit poured out of me. I grabbed a pen and started writing. Any crap I thought of splattered against the page in a messy scrawl.

I examined everything and ran with every scrap. I delved deep into my worries and my fears and they're all there too.

And a funny thing happened - I started feeling both less and more towards my writing. Less in that it did not matter what went on the page as long as the blank space shrank. The lamest jokes, the most whiny rubbish you can imagine, whatever - it did not matter. There was no need to make it perfect because it was never meant to be perfect.

But the more of it is something special. I rediscovered the me of what I wrote. Sounds silly but there it is. I could put more of me of the page and that was a good thing.

Now, thanks to that little blue binder, I can pretty much anywhere at any time. It is good.

Step Primus: Sub-step 1: Write what you want.

My mother always used to tell me that I should write this or that. Her suggestions did not appeal to me. I wanted to write whatever I wanted.

Writing should be fun and forcing yourself to write what other people think you should write isn't fun.

My stories are all quite nuts. There's no common theme, no overriding story arc destined to bring all my varied and disparate characters together. Each piece is distinct and individual. I have more sarcastic main characters than I know what to do with.

But that's me. You write differently, I know you do. And that's fine. You write exactly what you want to write.

Step Primus: Sub-step 2: Write it down.

Seriously. Put it all on paper and then fix it. Don't stop your story because you can't think of the first line. Don't stop because you don't think Savage McNasty wouldn't actually kill a kitten. Don't stop for anything.

Write it down. Until you finish your first draft, you got nothing but ideas and ideas aren't worth squat. You can have all the ideas in the world but they are as without substance as the wind. They might bowl you over but you want them to bowl everyone over. And just an idea isn't going to come close to doing that.

Step Primus: Sub-step 3: Write knowing you can, and will, change it.

Some writers believe their work to be precious. I don't fault them for that because I love all my stories. The writers that think their work is perfect are the ones I find faulty.

It is not perfect. You may have sweat blood and burnt every bridge to get your masterpiece on paper but no sacrifice will make your work perfect. It can always be better. Even established writers with hundreds of published works will tell you they would've tweaked this bit or that bit.

Let it grow and not wither in the darkness.

Anyway, I think that's enough of that. Have fun y'all!
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Veni, vedi, voro [Nov. 16th, 2013|10:22 pm]
Tall and Weird
One more day of freedom to do as I wish - or do not wish - remains. Then it's back to work for me. I can handle that.

My holidays have been a lazy affair filled with moments of "what next?" and "it's still too early to go to bed!"

I have written much and enjoyed myself doing it. My story (called Powerless if you wanted to know) is taking shape. A ridiculously convenient plot device will be taken for granted and that's just the start of it! Aliens roam the emptiness of space and encounter each other more often than logically feasible because the infinite nature of space kind of precludes accidentally meeting strangers if you stop and think about it. I have no idea how the Enterprise bumps into anything on such a regular schedule...

Did I tell you I was playing Minecraft? I would never be able to program something that is basically infinite but someone has and it's pretty cool. I found a horse that decided to not love me enough to let me ride it. I hate creepers and their hissing noise sends shivers down my spine. I reclaimed a large underwater area and made a wheat, potato, and carrot farm. And now I am playing on Hardcore mode which gives you just one life. Die and there are no respawns! Any and all work you did on that game is lost forever! And I really hate digging in the Nether.

Anyway, I would like to tell all the women out there that you are confusing and I don't understand.
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Randomness and other unrelated nonsense. [Nov. 3rd, 2013|07:53 pm]
Tall and Weird
Three months this time! I'll try to be better but I make no promises people - that's just how I roll!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this on any of my sporadic updates but I've turned off anonymous posting because every day or so some weird journals kept posting the weirdest crap to my older posts. I just got sick of that so anonymous posting was the only way to go. Sorry to any anonymous posters out there that were waiting for this particular update to start posting stuff.

Life is good. I got me a raise which is very nice after the horrors of the stupidest man in the world's inability to understand the concept of a full-time job requiring a full-time schedule.

I'm writing every day, catching up with friends, not winning Lotto (you know I'd change me), working hard (even if stupid people can't see it), and playing GTA 5 (although that time-waster's ability to leech my time is on the wane). I'm having fun and feeling good.

Oh, I've got a week off - not this week but next - which will be AWESOME!!!

Current story: humanity rejects the universe because the universe rejected them... or did it?

Also, here in Perth there was something called Open House Perth. The idea of this event was that a whole bunch of places you wouldn't normally have access to allowed access.

A friend and I went to Parliament house and are now engaged in writing a political thriller set in those very halls of power in Western Australia... with zombies.

It's very entertaining.

We did try to get into another place but couldn't get access... which struck me as kind of hilarious really. Open Day Perth... you have failed. :P

Anyway... That's all folks!
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Well damn... it looks like life happened again. [Aug. 23rd, 2013|07:40 pm]
Tall and Weird
Hello everyone!

I know, I know, it's been bloody ages since my last update but I don't have a good excuse. I keep looking at the icons on the screens of my phone and my laptoppy thingy and thinking to myself, "I should do an update to tell everyone what's going on."

And then I don't.

Anyway, here's another tall and weird snippet for you.

My last update told of the technological woes of my laptoppy thingy. I'm please to inform you that the Mighty Prime is back on-line and rocking all the way to the memory bank. JB Hifi was a joy to deal with and they shipped it out, fixed it up, and brought it home with no fuss at all. So now I write!

Six months ago, I met a woman at a burger bar. We chatted for a while before I left without asking for her number. That same night, I tracked her down on-line and sent a message to her on Facebook. She wasn't hard to find because she was the only woman of her profession with the name she gave me working anywhere in Western Australia. I explained all that in the message. I said that I should've asked for her number and tried really hard to not sound like a stalker.

Not long ago, she responded. She remembered me and we've exchanged the odd message since.

I don't know what to do. She remembers me after six months and responds, but she goes no further? Does that make sense? I can't it see if it does. I guess, we shall see. I'm not sure where I stand but remain optimistically hopeful.

Recent writings include the peculiar man that does not understand death, and thoughts - not actual writing - on the man with lots of memories. I include that because it's all part of the craft. It's the "preparing the page" section of being a writer.

I had a weird idea about writing a How to Write a How to Write Book. It would detail the methods of describing your methods in ways interesting and motivating. I own so many writing books that I could be a very reliable source of what inspires and what don't.

Cheers my friends!

PS. I had an app idea that I know is GOLD!!! We'll call it the Bless You App and it will make the phone listen out for sneezes so that it can respond to them with a friendly "Bless you!" GOLD, GOLD, GOLD!!!
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